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In this photo tour, we walk south from 147th to Alondra Park along the Dominguez Channel.

Above: The entrance to the Dominguez Channel path from 147th.

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We’ll continue our photo tour down the Dominguez Channel, picking up about where we left off last time at El Segundo Blvd and ending at 147th St. These photos have been getting old in my camera since they were taken on March 15th, 2009, but with successive computer crashes and limited time, it’s been difficult to post them until now.

We start near where we ended last time, at the busy El Segundo Blvd. crossing.  The picture above was taken on the south side of El Segundo Blvd, looking north. Look at those cars zip by. There’s no dedicated crossing for bikes or pedestrians at any of the intersections of the Channel bike path / pedestrian corridor with streets, which makes it inefficient for commuters and invites unsafe behavior.

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This is the next leg of our tour down the Dominguez Channel.  These pictures were taken on the same day that the pictures in Tour de Channel – Part I were taken – right after a heavy rain.

We pick up the Dominguez Channel at Crenshaw and 120th Street after its brief underground journey beneath the park and ride.

Here’s the busy intersection of Crenshaw and 120th.  I’m looking west towards the car park where the Channel runs underground.  The low hill in the background is the 105 freeway runs.  The metro rail station is nearby to the right of this picture.

This area has seen a real boom in business activity – there’s a Home Depot here and a number of smaller businesses that seem prosperous.

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This is the first in a series of posts. Over the next few weeks and months we’ll be working to document the Dominguez channel in photos and words.

These are photos that I took of the upper portion of the Channel right after some recent rains. Although it had stopped raining, the water in the channel was muddy, turbulent, and fast flowing. I was glad there was little chance of slipping in. Even though I knew intellectually to expect high flow right after the rain, I wasn’t prepared for the high rate and volume, having previously only seen the channel at times of low flow.

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